“I’ve seen a lot of books on the Appalachian Trail. Finally somebody got it right. Not a lot of words”

Hiker Alumni

“A wonderfully produced book that was thoughtfully and painstakingly created. A must have for AT long distance hikers who want a full color album to commemorate their journey.”

Class of 2015

“One of the finest and most unique ideas to come out of the hiking community. This is a must have for any hiker and dreamers alike.”


Tom Kennedy

Cofounder of Hike for Mental Health

“Truly a genuine passion in a world full of ordinary.”
Beth Briden

“I stumbled upon the Hiker Yearbook just about 2 months ago. They were very welcoming and generous. A lovely surprise after a long day of hiking to find free food and great sense of community. Thanks guys!,”

Class of 2015

“Odie’s legacy will forever be cemented in this project. Us hikers are so lucky to have had so many men and women committed to projects supporting and connecting the trail. Thank you Odie!”
Dapper Dan

Class of 2017

“How could someone not LOVE this project? A chance to reflect and reconnect with the people, places, and moments while on the greatest adventure of our lives; walking the Appalachian Trail. Thanks Odie; pure genius. ”
Nuda Waya

The Station at 19 E

“A fantastic keepsake ~ memorializing my 2015 hike. Will continue to treasure it in the years to come. Thank you!”
Mike McFadden

Class of 2015