Pacific Crest Trail – Volunteer Groups


Southern California Region

Trail Gorillas: San Diego

Mexico Border to Scissors Crossing

Debi Rodriguez | [email protected]

Trail Gorillas: Paradise

Coyote Canyon Rd to Mission Creek Preserve Access Trail

Don Line | [email protected]

Trail Gorillas: Cajon Pass

Splinters Cabin to Highway 2 at Inspiration Point

John Hachey | [email protected]

Trail Gorillas: San Gabriel Mountains

Highway 2 at Inspiration Point to Soledad Canyon Rd.

Jim Richter | [email protected]

Trail Gorillas: LA Gateway

Soledad Canyon Rd to Highway 138

Jim Richter | [email protected]

Southern Sierra, California Region

Can Do Crew

Donahue Pass (Yosemite National Park) to South Crater Meadow (Ansel Adams Wilderness)

Paul Cardinet | [email protected]

Northern Sierra, California Region

Carsonora Crew

Carson Pass to Sonora Pass

Dave Harrison | [email protected]

Will Work for Krumms

PCT Sections in Tahoe National Forest

Larry Krumm | [email protected]

Dave Moore | [email protected]

Pounder’s Promise

Tahoe National Forest through Plumas National Forest, into Lassen and Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Charles Williams | [email protected]

Big Bend, Northern California 

Lyons’ Pride

PCT Sections throught Shasta- Trinity and Klamath National Forests

Ian Nelson | [email protected]

NorCal Trail Crew

PCT Sections near Redding, CA

Janette Storer | [email protected]

Southern Oregon 

Southern Oregon Rockers

8 Mile Section on Mt. Ashland

Mick McBride | [email protected]

Columbia Cascades, Mid Oregon Region

Mid-Oregon Volunteers

Windigo Pass to Breitenbush Lake

Bill Carpenter | [email protected]

Mount Hood Chapter

Midway Meadows, south of Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness, to Breitenbush Lake, North of Oregon’s Mount Jefferson Wilderness and feed trails in the area

Rosemary Prescott | [email protected]

North Cascades, Mid Washington Region 

White Pass Chapter

70 Miles in the William O. Douglas and Goat Rocks Wildernesses and feeder trails in the area

Julie Dasso-Moore | [email protected]

North 350 Blades

Chinook Pass to Northern Terminus at Canadian Border

Barry and Jim | [email protected]